Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. (IDI) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formed to develop, manage and market Downtown Indianapolis.  IDI exists to continually improve Downtown because the Indianapolis region needs a strong, relevant and vibrant core. The organization makes Downtown a clean, safe, convenient and exciting place to live, work and be entertained.  It also helps ensure the maximum return on the $9.1 billion invested in Downtown since 1990 and prepares Downtown for the nearly $3 billion of new investments scheduled for completion by 2017.

IDI was established in January 1993 and takes on broader management and economic development responsibilities than its predecessor, the Commission for Downtown.  A 38-member board and advisory board direct IDI.

In cooperation with private interests and the City of Indianapolis, IDI identifies and facilitates a variety of planning and development projects Downtown.  IDI works with the public and private sectors to strategically plan and develop Downtown and actively recruits retail, restaurant and residential developments. The organization also helps retain and attract businesses to existing Downtown buildings and build-to-suit options.  The key focus is to retain office workers, facilitate residential sales, provide business support and enhance key areas within Downtown.

Management Services 
IDI’s management services make Downtown safer, more attractive and more accessible.  IDI and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) keep Downtown safe through the IMPD Downtown District, IDI Downtown Security Partnership, panhandling and street order programs and IDI Safety E-mail Network. In addition, IDI takes the lead in Downtown beautification, planting and maintaining planters and gardens, developing green spaces and managing Downtown’s street tree lighting and holiday decor programs.  Keeping sidewalks clean is also a priority.   The Cleaning Partnership consists of 194 partners representing more than 689 properties.

This results-oriented organization also works to enhance access to and within Downtown through transportation, traffic and parking management assistance.  IDI has helped increase the number of parking spaces, reduce rush-hour restrictions, design and install easy-to-read wayfinding signs, transition Downtown meters to new technology and streamline enforcement.  IDI also works with transportation planners to ensure that Downtown has adequate and convenient taxi and bus service.  The key focus is to keep Downtown safe, convenient and beautiful and ensure that Downtown remains a premier people place as it grows bigger and busier.

Formation of Marketing Entity  
To comply with IRS guidelines, a marketing organization, Indianapolis Downtown Marketing, Inc. (IDMI), was established as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization under the IDI umbrella.  A board of 60 marketing and public relations professionals directs IDMI’s efforts. The IDMI chair serves on the IDI board as an ex-officio member.

Marketing and Communications
IDMI’s marketing and communications efforts help attract more customers Downtown and increase patronage of arts, entertainment, sports, hotel, restaurant and retail facilities.  The organization disseminates information about Downtown parking and safety, businesses, events, activities and organizations through the media and numerous consumer publications through its “Amazingly Always New” Downtown brand campaign.  The campaign emphasizes Downtown's "Amazingly Always New" dynamics and vibrancy to attract Central Indiana residents to live, work and play Downtown. 

IDMI also develops cross-marketing opportunities for Downtown organizations and supports core Downtown and IDI initiatives including Georgia Street. In addition, IDMI directs the annual Circle of Lights® presented by the Contractors of Quality Connection and Electrical Workers of IBEW 481 and other holiday programs.

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IDI and IDMI receive private investments from local businesses and individuals, sponsorships for various marketing programs and government grants for specific services.

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